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About us

At Babymule we are all about adventure, and it could be argued that the real adventure begins with the news that there’s a baby on its way. Nothing can prepare you for it apparently. However, there’s plenty to arm yourself with so that you are all set to take on this amazing journey. With every development and detail at Babymule HQ we constantly refer back to our basic principles: reliable, clever, functional, and good looking (no it’s not Mark Darcy!), the Babymule bags are made to the highest specification with the best accessories making it fantastic value for money.

Pockets of varying sizes easily compartmentalise things for baby, mother and father. And with each Babymule Original a full set of essentials to not only keep things in place but act as a gentle reminder that you have left the house with everything you need: changing pouch for nappies and wipes (with a handy grab handle so you can nip to the change room without your entire bag of kit). A padded changing mat, neoprene bottle insulator, and a clever little purse containing a large wet bag.

Babymule’s reputation has grown solidly as THE bag for travelling and active parents. Having ‘3 ways to carry’ means Babymule is a whizz at the airport, and unbeatable on big days out in the city and countryside. Festivals, baby wearing and gliding out of the house without a pushchair are all there for the taking.

We hope you find that your Babymule gives you the confidence and freedom to get into the world in your favourite ways, and discover your next ‘little’ adventure.

With the range continuing to grow there will soon be more Babymule styles for all your exciting expeditions in parenting. Babymule is delighted to have all their UK trade and consumer activity managed by their acclaimed distributor Hippychick.